Art Basel Hong Kong 2017

25 Mar – 27 Mar 2017

Jhaveri Contemporary’s presentation includes new work by Bangladeshi-British artist Rana Begum. This is the gallery’s first participation at the fair and also the first time works by Begum will be shown in Hong Kong. 

Begum’s practice draws upon the aesthetics, polemics and methodologies of Minimalism, combining them with childhood encounters with Islamic art, architecture and ritual practice in Bangladesh, together with visual cues gathered from the streets of London, where she currently lives and works. 

Like much of her overall practice, Begum’s ‘drawings’ on display resist easy categorisation: they contain elements of both sculpture and painting, pushing the relationship between colour, form and three-dimensional space in new and exciting ways.

The stand design includes a chamfered and painted wall to mimic one of Begum’s well-known wall-mounted folded sculptures, which emerged out of her love for folding paper. Within is the new series of drawings, created using perspex (often mirrored), powder-coated steel, and paint on mild steel. The works are placed at irregular intervals and unusual heights to create an environment that envelopes the viewer while playing with spatial concerns.

Also included in the stand are table and floor pieces that take on a more grounded and sculpturally solid form. They engage the viewer in much the same way as the airy wall-based drawings, revealing multiple facets and shifting geometrical planes.