Frieze London 2018

04 Oct – 07 Oct 2018

Jhaveri Contemporary presents a new immersive installation comprising ink drawings, textiles, painted signs and a video by Hardeep Pandhal.

Pandhal works with non-linear forms of digital video which layer lurid hand drawn cartoons, psychedelic and disorienting narratives with his own deadpan rap music, presenting them within wider installations and wall drawings.

Pandhal takes the cultural taboo that prevents an Indian wife from naming her husband directly as a starting point to confront post-colonial traumas with uneasy humour. Two cardigans knitted by Pandhal’s mother and entwined together with Pandhal’s own hand embroidery, form a symbolically charged dyad caught in a thorny embrace. Designs are stitched into the garments, pulling the threads tightly together to form bodily protrusions. Pandhal and his mother are divided by language, he speaks little Punjabi, while she speaks little English. What is lost in translation is found, hinting at things that are known without being spoken. Frustrations of wider societal structures are projected into a disquieting dreamscape-video, where the inner hauntings of an imagined turban-shaped dirigible are revealed and suggestively animated. Accompanying drawings and paintings frame the installation, offering a glimpse into the expanded nature of Pandhal’s work and the overarching decolonising trajectory of his mission.

Download text by Jamie Sutcliffe here