Vasantha Yogananthan: A Myth of Two Souls

14 Mar – 04 May 2019

Jhaveri Contemporary is delighted to present Paris-based photographer Vasantha Yogananthan’s debut solo exhibition in India, A Myth of Two Souls

Yogananthan’s ongoing body of work is ambitiously divided into seven photo books, each dedicated to a chapter in The Ramayana. Drawing from the imagery associated with this mythical tale, Yogananthan traces a journey from north to south India to offer a contemporary re-imaging of the epic that sits somewhere in between documentary, fiction, and mythology. 

Shot entirely in analogue, using large or medium format cameras that intentionally slow down the creative process, Vasantha’s project harnesses a distinctive colour palette based on natural light. He is interested in painting, and this has led him to work around the genres of portrait, landscape, and still life, and to engage with local artists like Jaykumar Shankar, with whom he has collaborated to revive the tradition of hand-tinted photographs.

In A Myth of Two Souls, classic colour photographs are paired with black-and-white prints painted by Jaykumar, who adds layers of fiction and make-believe to the images by approaching them without a brief: ‘Jay has a tendency to go towards pinkish skies and very soft and muted colours. As a result, the hand-painted photographs dialogue very well with my own colour photographs which use a pastel colour palette. Again, the idea is to confuse the reader. Is he looking at real photographs or something between painting and photography?'

Download complete text here