Prem Sahib

10 Apr – 31 May 2014


Prem Sahib’s sculpture and paintings appear abstract and minimal, formally clean and precise. However, each is begat from convictions regarding intimacy, sexuality, relationships, desire and community. Two discs of bent steel intersect in a metaphor for union; a rail of die-cut empty clothes hangers suggests the naked body; an aluminium panel painstakingly painted with hundreds of droplets of resin looks like a steamy bathroom wall; a wide ring of cut black metal is, on closer inspection, made of many small moustaches. 

Dealing with notions of encounter and presence, Tongues continues Sahib’s interest in the evocation of emotion from cleanly economical but often suggestive or personified arrangements – discrete sculptures that are also set up to be in dialogue with one another. With an emphasis on what appears to be formal relationships of sameness, the work almost flirts with the viewer, offering more promiscuous interpretations and deviations of meaning. This is Sahib's first exhibition in India.

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