Manisha Parekh: A River Inside

09 Jan – 22 Feb 2020

A line is the most elemental of marks. Straight or sinuous, it bounds space into form, creating a primordial rupture that is both an opening and a wound. The violence of coming into being, and the beauty of its completion, can be imagined in the drawing of a line. This boundary engenders an awareness of states of alterity, of the frisson where I end and you begin.

With an abiding interest in the edges of encounters, Manisha Parekh creates affective and associate forms through instinctual processes. These range from the immediate gesture to the slow layering of material, each with a different rhythm and effect. While figure and narrative are latent on the surfaces of Parekh’s works, the suggestion of assemblies of bodies and vessels, both minuscule and cosmic, propel meaning. The ensuing sensation of vertigo, of moving between scales and distances, and of contemplating the tension between the self and the other, are hallmarks of Parekh’s practice.

In A River Inside, Parekh uses liquid and its shimmering movements as metaphors for apprehending experience and describing desire. The sensuousness of water, its tendency to yield, and its forceful ability to overcome, serve to highlight acts of creation and living. Parekh’s distillation of shared ideas into visual form is not a search for universals but takes personal and peculiar trajectories that are attentive to the formal balance between intricacy and restraint. This engagement with duality, and the throbbing ambiguous fissure between, much like the line or the river, is at this exhibition’s core.

Download complete text and list of works here