Manisha Parekh

07 Feb – 04 Mar 2017

Line of Light

Manisha Parekh's debut solo exhibition at Jhaveri Contemporary includes new and recent work by the artist across media. Parekh continues the idiom of organic abstraction, whether in painting, drawing or sculpture, choosing materials that dictate the final form and personality of her works. Included in the presentation are works made in Japan during a residency at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre in 2013. Using Japanese cypress wood and Indian red silk, Shadow Garden takes the giant butterbur in Aomori for its motif and blossoms across the main gallery in hundred parts. The Kanji script is enlisted in Gratitude – here, rain, tree, sun, mist and mountain are variously described in five works on paper. The papers are then dipped into indigo and sumi ink, their blue-black scroll-like forms recalling indigo-dyed kimonos in pre-modern Aomori. 

Presented alongside are a series of twelve paintings titled Tangled Foot (2016) and the 100 drawings that constitute Invisible Notes (2016). In Tangled Foot, form is constituted by three differently coloured and textured lines in dialogue with each other, sometimes intersecting, sometimes entangling, sometimes separating. There is the boldness of indigo, the sureness of gold, and a shadow region composed of a scrawl-like peripheral zone. Parekh plays with the transformative act of drawing with light in Invisible Notes, which is made using silver watercolour on handmade rag paper. She achieves a startling viscosity with the otherwise liquescent material, and uses this texture to create hieroglyphic abstractions that could be read like palimpsests. These ‘notes' could be interpreted as diaristic entries testifying to forms she may have either witnessed or imagined, as documents attesting to her particular process and her penchant for reducing the essence of the artwork to its basic, elemental form. Each note conceals luminescence instead of outrightly manifesting it, thus quietly engendering the gospel of light.