Michael Müller

03 Jan – 28 Jan 2017

For All Those Who Trust in Form and Not in Content

Michael Müller’s works neither lend themselves to a common conceptual denominator nor order themselves into an easily identifiable formal language. Instead, exhibitions are marked by variety, heterogeneity, and ambiguity. 'Languages’ of art are presented side-by-side and with equal emphasis: the result of a process of testing, combining, and varying. An example of Müller’s preoccupation with questions of authorship is the title of his exhibition, ‘Wer Spricht?’ (‘Who is Speaking?’), the artist’s first institutional solo at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. 

Three bodies of work in ‘For All Those Who Trust in Form and Not in Content’, the artist's second solo exhibition at the gallery, testify to the plurality and heterogeneity of Müller’s practice: the formally reduced and conceptually driven etchings,Verschwinden; the more ‘decorative’ installations of the Do It! series; and lastly, expressive, figurative paintings like Small Indian Girl. Also included are drawings, objects, and two new jigzaw puzzles by the artist. Working with readymade puzzles, Müller coats the surface of his framed puzzles with real gold leaf, concealing their original image. The new surfaces of False and Real and For All Those Who Trust in Form and Not in Content are now more valuable than the motifs in the original picture ever could be.

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