Mrinalini Mukherjee

31 Oct – 30 Nov 2013


The sculptural practice of Mrinalini Mukherjee has always been foremost about her materials, and the investigation and exploitation of those materials. From her earliest works using dyed and woven fiber, to hand-modelled ceramics, and then to cast bronzes, in each case the works are true to themselves, only of the singular material, completely dedicated to a fixated expression. The forms Mukherjee creates in these various materials do have a consistency of approach, a recognizable personality, hovering between vegetal and figurative silhouettes, appearing surprisingly fluid in spite of their inert realities.

Bronze has been the artist’s medium of choice for the past ten years, and as her exploration has continued, her forms have become both larger and more complex. The newest group of bronzes will seem familiar to those who saw her previous bodies of work, yet they attain a level of marvel that edges slightly towards the monstrous. Cantilevered, contorted, leaping, and preening, these sculptures seem only slightly perturbed by gravity. They may be fossilized trophies dug from a prehistoric swamp or the robotic armour of an alien orchid creature. They are most certainly the masterpieces of an accomplished sculptor at the very height of her expertise.

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