Mrinalini Mukherjee: Bagh

29 Feb – 31 Aug 2020

Jhaveri Contemporary is very proud to present ‘Bagh’, an exhibition of bronze sculptures and etchings by Mrinalini Mukherjee (b. 1949 Bombay – d. 2015, New Delhi), India's pre-eminent sculptor of the post-Independence era. On view at the gallery for four weeks, the works in this display will subsequently be shown at Art Basel, Basel in June, marking the gallery’s first participation at the leading art fair.

Mukherjee was a singular figure – an iconoclast - whose practice stood apart from the dominant commitments of figurative painting in India. Her work displays a continued interest in reworking traditional sculptural materials, while dismantling the ways in which art, craft, and modernism are discussed and appreciated both within and outside India.

Mukherjee’s etchings and bronze sculptures are presented together for the first time in a dialogue that probes the divide between figuration and abstraction in the artist’s work. Unlike her work in fibre and clay, the bronzes never assumed a figural aspect, likely because of the unexpected transmogrifications in the process of their making. Mukherjee's etchings are also far from realistic, with a naïvete and charm that refers back to folk art, children’s books, and the work of her contemporaries, for instance Bhupen Khakhar.