Rana Begum

19 Sep – 02 Nov 2019

“Bodies take shape as they move through the world directing themselves toward or away from objects and others. Being “orientated” means feeling at home, knowing where one stands, or having certain objects within reach.” – Sara Ahmed

The state of standing still is just an illusion. We can think that a work of art occupies a fixed position on a wall or pedestal, but these surfaces, like everything else on Earth, are on a daily orbital journey around the sun. Rana Begum’s work reveals the subtle movements of our planet as they draw our attention to the way that natural light (also a moving entity) impacts our perception of colour. To understand the work of Rana Begum is to become more acutely aware of our movement through the world, and the world’s movement in the universe. 

Rana Begum is hyper-sensitive to the landscapes she inhabits, finding poetry in the geometries of the everyday experience – from scaffolding she comes into contact with while building her new studio in London, to fishing nets and floats she encountered over the last two years on residencies by the sea in Cornwall (England), Bataan (Philippines) and Istanbul (Turkey), to hand-woven baskets that inhabit her childhood memories of growing up in Bangladesh. All of these landscapes, and her meditations on the light that passes over them, come into the work – however, there is another reading of the word ‘light’ that becomes more apparent in the artist’s third show in India at Jhaveri Contemporary. 

Download complete text and list of works here