Seher Shah

18 Dec – 06 Feb 2014

30 | 60 | 90

Seher Shah’s work navigates the many permutations of personal and historical collective spatial memory through powerful graphic constructions.

Trained as an architect, she starts with her own detailed drawings and then combines these with other types of imagery, both diagrammatic and photographic. Shah’s black and white prints and drawings explore the dimensions and incarnations of various iconographies: architectural, historical, personal, and political. Starting with the basic elements of architecture (the wall, the column, the grid, the plane, and their repetitions) and exploiting the ambiguous nature of time, scale and mass, Shah creates evocations that elaborate upon basic binary relationships: interior/exterior, object/landscape, translucency/opacity, matter/energy.

The title of the exhibition, 30 | 60 | 90, takes its cue from a series of constraints that explores these physical qualities through drawings, digital prints and sculpture. This is Shah's first exhibition in Mumbai.

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