Yamini Nayar

28 Mar – 05 May 2012


Yamini Nayar's photographs of fictional architectures stem from an abiding interest in idealized structures, lived experience and memory. Her large colour photographs are documents of sculptures and installations built in her studio from raw and found materials (plaster, glass, styrofoam, thread) and collected imagery. Vested with a distinct physicality, her works retain the traces of process, erasures and construction within the flattened two-dimensional space. The resulting photographs are situated between sculpture and photography, and explore the inherent tensions between the two mediums.

Working from found images culled from historical archives, as anchors and reference points, each photograph develops over time and accumulates its own narrative and logic. The image is built around a fixed perspective, and once recorded, the structures are disassembled and discarded. Only the photograph remains, as a document, an object and entry point into a moment held together solely for the lens. Nayar's process is a slowing down and questioning of the photographic moment, articulating layered and peripheral perspectives within our built environment and its often conflicting narratives of idealism, experience and time.

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