Sean Rocha

13 Mar – 27 Mar 2013

The Inhabited Space

The Inhabited Space by American photographer Sean Rocha at Hermès, Mumbai, has been curated by Jhaveri Contemporary on the occasion of the FOCUS Mumbai photography festival.

Keeping with the theme of the festival, ‘the city’, The Inhabited Space explores cities not for their chaos or human density but rather for their tranquillity and moments of solitude. The exhibition includes twelve large photographs and a projection of images, a project Rocha has developed over the past eight years, working in different cities. Lying somewhere between the still images of photography and the moving images of film, the images in the projection shift from dawn to dusk, dissolving in a slow-motion lapse to depict a 24-hour period in the life of the world’s cities: people coming home, turning on lights, going to bed, and rising in the morning.

Unifying these two elements is an interest in how urban space is inhabited and, in particular, what Rocha calls a ‘geographically equidistant’ perspective of the world. “Conventionally, a Western photographer might regard London or Paris as culturally near and Mumbai or Phnom Penh as distant, but these photographs and the projection take all urban spaces on precisely equal cultural and aesthetic terms,” says Rocha.